VS-1 Synth - Rare Parts Kit


This parts kit includes the rare parts that are needed to complete the VS-1 DIY Synthesizer. By contrast with the VS-1 Synth Full Parts Kit, this parts kit only includes the rare and hard to find parts listed below. It does not include the generic parts. If you have purchased the VS-1 Synthesizer DIY Kit and this Rare Parts Kit, you would still need to source the remaining generic parts as shown in the VS-1 Synthesizer DIY BOM. For additional details see the VS-1 DIY parts procurement video.

(16) AlfaRpar A3310DIL Custom ADSR IC
(8) Rochester LM3086J/Intersil CA3086 Transistor Array IC
(40) Intersil CA3080/Alfa Rpar AS3080 OTA IC
(16) KRL/Riedon C-2AQ 1k 1% 3500ppm Tempco
(7) Cool Audio V2164D Quad VCA IC
(4) Matsushita MN3007 1024-Stage BBD IC
(4) Matsushita MN3101 BBD Clock Driver
(1) EOS Power MWLT200CK Power Supply Enclosure
(4) HongJu PB86-A0 Black Push Switch with No LED
(20) HongJu PB86-A1 Black Push Switch with LED
(1) HongJu PB86-A1 Gray Push Switch with LED
(6) HongJu PB86-A2 Black Push Switch with Dual LED
(21) Sifam DRN110-006 BLK Control Knobs
(1) Sifam DR110-006 BLK Control Knobs
(22) Sifam C110 BLK Control Knob Caps


Please note: This is a pre-order. Parts kits will ship along with VS-1 Synth DIY kits when all parts are in stock. There is no additional shipping cost.

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