VS-1 Synth - Switch Set


These are the (31) push switches for the VS-1. These parts are not included as part of the VS-1 Synthesizer DIY kit as the builder has the option to use different color buttons and LED’s as indicated in the VS-1 DIY BOM.

These switches are available from many manufacturers:

    If not purchasing these switches as part of this set or as included in the VS-1 Synth Full Parts Kit we recommend buying the HongJu PB-86-series as these are the exact parts the VS-1 was designed for. In addition, the VS-1 Synth DIY Kit includes (12) matching red LED’s to make sure the individual LED’s on the VS-1 control panel match the LED’s integrated into the HongJu PB86 switches. For additional details see the VS-1 DIY parts procurement video.


    Please note: VS-1 switch sets are for VS-1 Kit buyers only. If you need this style switch for other projects please use the links above for more information.

    39 Available