Vintage Sound. Modern Design.


It’s all about the tone. The VS-1 is based on the classic design of the iconic Oberheim™ OB-X Synthesizer first released in 1979. The primary objective of the VS-1 was to preserve the vintage sound of the classic, and to keep the interface clean & simple. This is the synth for those that are looking for that last 10% of vintage tone that many find missing in modern analog synthesizers.


Analog Voice

Each voice includes two analog vco’s with saw and square, a 12dB multimode, ota-based vca, and analog envelope generators based on the CEM3310.

  • Discrete VCO’s w/ saw & pulse waves.
  • 12dB multimode filter with lowpass, bandpass, and highpass modes.
  • 3080-based VCA. Voice card outputs also feed stereo panning VCA’s.
  • AS3310 (CEM3310) Envelope Generator.

    4 to 8 Voice Polyphonic

    The VS-1 is expandable between four and eight voices. Voices reside on individual voice cards manufactured with through-hole components. The VS-1 is also bi-timbral with support for splits & layers for complex performances & bi-timbral MIDI operation.

    Analog & Digital LFO's

    Two global analog LFO’s with triangle, square and S&H waveforms can be sent to VCO1 frequency and pulse width, VCO2 frequency and pulse width, and filter cutoff. Two digital LFO’s per voice with triangle, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, square, and random waves with (20) destinations. LFO’s also have dedicated attack-decay envelopes and can be free-running or synced to the arpeggiator, sequencer, or MIDI clock for tempo-synced effects.


    Full-featured 64-step polyphonic sequencer with 240 patterns. Realtime and Step-Entry modes for easy programming.


    Modes include up, down, up/down, up/down (inclusive), as played, and random. Range between 1 & 5 octaves. An arpeggio can be recorded directly into a sequence pattern.

    Stereo Analog Chorus

    True stereo analog chorus based on the MN3009 reissue from XVive Audio. The VS-1 already has lots of stereo information due to voice panning lfo modulation – so we designed a true stereo input chorus that takes the main left and main right signals and passes them through independent chorus lines. The resulting left and right information from each chorus line are summed to the main left and right outputs.


    The VS-1 makes use of a modern 16-bit DAC vs the 10-bit DAC of the classic. Together with the 600MHz core processor this allows for high accuracy control voltages. However, design limitations resulting in lower accuracy CV’s are responsible in part for the character of the vintage polysynth – so we have implemented two Autotune modes for Key CV’s. Low-Res mode tunes the voices at the same number of points and the same resolution as the OB-X. Hi-Res mode tunes the voices at many more points at 16-bit depth. In addition, the OB-X does not have auto-calibration of filter frequency and scale for each voice. The VS-1 includes this auto-calibration but it can be bypassed.


    • Audio Outputs (4) outputs – left & right for each part. Main out pair is normalized to both parts.
    • Direct Outs (8) Individual outputs for each voice (*new feature not shown yet)
    • Audio Inputs (2) audio inputs w/ preamps
    • CV & Gate I/O for Voice 1
    • CV Input to Filter Cutoff
    • Assignable CV (2) assignable inputs to any parameter
    • USB Host Class compliant USB-MIDI I/O
    • USB Peripheral Direct connection to a usb-enabled midi keyboard controller.
    • MIDI In, Out, and Thru Standard 5-pin MIDI DIN connectors.shown