Product Status Tracker
Stock - Avalon Synthesizer (March 25 2016)
Avalon synth (all versions) is out of stock in the Abstrakt Instruments online store. New production is ongoing and all assemblies are expected in-house mid-June. As of the date of this update new stock is expected in the store in late-June. The dealer base will increase to correspond with new production stock. If you are in a country or location that is not currently covered you may find new dealers added in your area in a few months.

There are still a few dealer orders in the queue from the initial production. If you are customer or potential customer of SX Pro (UK), Awave (AU), or Flyline Music (CH), there are still pending orders being shipped out over the next several weeks. We don't control dealer pre-sale policies so available stock may vary. As of the date of this update Detroit Modular (US) has a few units in stock.
Status - Transistor Ladder Filter cartridge (March 25 2016)
This cartridge is now shipping. If you have ordered this item and have not received it yet, or have not received a shipping notification yet, your item will ship between April 1 and April 5. The Abstrakt Instruments main office is moving and no product will ship between the date of this update and April 1
Status - SEM Filter cartridge (March 25 2016)
This cartridge is still delayed due to other business activities. This item won't start shipping until after Avalon OS v1.06 is released.
Stock - Avalon Synthesizer (February 21 2016)
Shipping of the initial production of the Avalon synthesizer is still ongoing. Units ship out to dealers and customers as soon as they are assembled and tested. The demand has been great and units are allotted between dealers and our direct sales. To this point we are still are not capable of keeping up with demand. The synth is available from several dealers, but in many cases are being pre-sold before they even arrive. For direct sales there is currently 4-5 week lead time on shipping.

New production for the Avalon synth is ongoing in parallel to the final assembly and shipping of initial production. The new production is significant in quantity and has been redesigned for minimum assembly time. We expect to catch up with demand soon after the new parts arrive.
Status - Transistor Ladder Filter cartridge (February 28 2016)
This cartridge is in-house being prepared to ship. This cartridge will officially start shipping on March 10.
Status - SEM Filter cartridge (February 28 2016)
This cartridge has been delayed significantly over the past several months. New parts will finally arrive in-house on March 16. These parts still need to be tested and the final packaging completed. With the current schedule as of the date of this update parts will begin to ship at the end of March.