Filter Plugin Cartridges
The avalon bassline is a high quality analog bassline synthesizer and sequencer. The core circuitry of the avalon is based on the revered Roland? TB-303 bassline synthesizer, to which a new layer of analog and digital circuitry has been added to position the avalon as the premier bassline synthesizer.
• Transistor Ladder Filter
This filter is based on the Minimoog ladder filter and includes 24dB lowpass and bandpass modes.
• SEM State Variable Filter
True to the orginal design of the beloved Oberheim SEM filter. Includes state variable lowpass-notch-highpass and bandpass modes.
• R:OTA Low Pass Filter
The R:OTA filter is based on the classic Roland OTA design used in several of the classic SH and JP-series synths. Includes 12dB and 24dB Lowpass modes.
•  4075 Low Pass Filter
This filter is true to the design of the Arp 4075 low pass filter and includes 12dB & 24dB modes.
•  Wasp Multimode Filter
An accurate surface mount version of the Wasp 12dB multimode filter.

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